Programmer and game designer, turns coffee and art into games.

All of our projects bison is involved <3

JuVentures Logo


A pure hidden object game with lovely detailed artwork hand-drawn by JujiBla. Accompany our heroes Nita and Snek on their journey through the land, explore strange places and discover magical things.

Pussy Puzzle Logo

Pussy Puzzle

20+ beautiful hand drawn 🎨🖼️ pussys 🐈 from JujiBla put together in a relaxing jigsaw puzzle 🧩 experience.

Stream Draws - With Twitch - Twitch Draws - Logo

Stream Draws

Draw (pixel) art with your Twitch chat. Ideal for creative and art streamer and/or for your pause screen.

Progress Bar Simulator Logo

Progress Bar Simulator

Make progress on the next level of immersive simulation technology made in germany, the simulator games home.

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Space Station Loma: OPERATIONS

As an engineer you have to manage a space station at the end of the known universe. Besides the normal operation and repair of a space station, you will face multiple dangers, like asteroids, space pirates, and anomalies out there. Are you the engineer we are looking for?

Unity Replacement Launcher

Replacement Launcher

This is a replacement for the discontinued Unity launcher, available in the Unity Asset Store.