Megumi M

Digital artist, illustrator, emote artist, writer and project manager.

All of our projects Megumi M is involved <3

DACHstudio Jigsaw Puzzle Box Logo

DACHstudio Jigsaw Puzzle Box

Beautifully drawn artworks from the DACHstudio members for you to puzzle with free Drawings and DLC's to buy.

Gentlymad Labs logo

Gentlymad Labs

Gentlymad Labs - a microbe generator.
Generate your own microbe, share it with your friends and go "VIRAL"! Art by Megumi M.

The Sad Bison Comic Logo

The Sad Bison Comic + Coloring Book

May or may not be based on a true loveā€¦ life story.
Any similarities with real persons are purely coincidental and would be very sad.