Space Station Loma: Operations


2149: More than a hundred years ago, mankind successfully made their step into space. They started settlements on Moon, Mars, and Europa and eventually expanded beyond the solar system.

These are the voyages of space station Loma.

Following the pioneering spirit of your ancestors you volunteer for an expedition to the outer sectors of the known universe. It was your motivation, your qualification, and your value for mankind that convinced the committee to send you on this suici … supervisory mission to Space Station Loma.
You alone are responsible for the maintenance of the station.
Even after five years of training you don’t know whether you are really up to the job, but then again, how hard can it be to push some buttons, eh?




As an engineer you have to manage a space station at the end of the known universe.
Besides the normal operation and repair of a space station, you will face multiple dangers, like asteroids, space pirates, and anomalies out there.
Are you the engineer we are looking for?


Making the 1001st spaceship simulator, or something new?
Inspired by NerdCubed's game "Systems Nominal", Chaos Commando (from Holo Café), Deep Space 9, Stargate Atlantis and Job Simulator, I wanted to create the ultimate Space Station experience with all of its awesomeness and drawbacks.
This "Space Station Simulator" should give you a feeling for what it takes to operate such a highly complex artificial construction in the emptiness of space.